Our Soap

About Our Soap

All Momma’s Home soaps are created with natural ingredients in small, controlled batches so that every bar is the best possible quality. The base of our soaps is olive, coconut, palm kernel, and castor oils. Water or goat’s milk and lye are added to the oils to create the chemical reaction that turns these natural ingredients into soap. There’s no need to worry about the lye. It is completely changed into soap during the reaction, and nothing remains that could be harmful to your skin.

Our Process
Unlike commercial detergents that remove all or most of the glycerin in their soap (leaving your skin feeling dry and tight), Momma’s Home soaps include all of the natural glycerin created in the soap making process. Give us a try and you’ll feel the difference!

Jojoba oil is mixed in after the chemical reaction has started. The process of adding jojoba oil is called "superfatting" the recipe, and it ensures oil is available to remain on your skin. We use jojoba oil because it is similar to the oils created naturally in your skin and we think it is the best option for our soaps. Cocoa butter and shea butter are added to some of the soaps as well for extra moisturizing. Essential oils are added to our scented soaps only. Every bar is cut by hand and then dried for 2–4 weeks depending on the recipe.

Safely Tested to Perfection
We test all of our soaps on ourselves and our friends and family, but nothing we create is ever tested on animals. Many of our testers have sensitive skin, and we try to ensure that everyone with sensitive skin can use our products. If you haven’t tried ours before, start with the “Just Soap” that is fragrance-free and see how you like it.

Proper Care
The average 4 oz. bars (measuring about 3”x2 ¼”x1”) should last about 3–4 weeks depending on how frequently you use it. Make sure to use a dish that drains water from your bar between uses. Your soaps will last longer if they are allowed to dry before being used again.