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I bought the day and night serum, the face soap and the cinnamon shave bar. They threw in the hair serum for me to try and I love it all. Been using it for a week and my skin has never felt so soft, honestly. I decided I couldn’t use the hair serum every day only because it made my hair so soft that it was hard to style, lol. (And I’ve been coloring my hair for years). Every other hair washing is working great! I will be a repeat customer!

Kelly S,

I’ve used the Goats Milk bath soak 3 times and love how soft my skin feels! Also the cinnamon shave bar, then night serum...ready for bed!

Sheri P,

I’ve been trying out Momma's Home’s new line! I started out absolutely in love with their shaving bar way back when. It didn’t bother my sensitive skin and I had zero razor burn. Now I’m using their bath salts, face and hair serums, face masks and more. I’m in love with how simple their products are, how much they do for me, and the fact that none of it bothers my skin or greases up my hair!

Mackenzie F,

Loved the Chocolate Mask and the Cinnamon bar soap. Can’t get enough of them. Great stocking stuffers.

Kimberly R,