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I just tried my very first bar of Momma's Home soap, and it was the Cinnamon Ultimate Shave Bar - OH MY GOODNESS!!! This soap is amazing! I haven't used actual bar soap in a very long time (use mostly body wash) so I wasn't sure how it would work for shaving, but I just can't believe how amazing it was! I was truly stupefied in the best way possible! It lathered very nicely, the ground cinnamon provided the gentlest exfoliation, and my razor just glided so nicely over my skin! And that cinnamon scent filled the entire bathroom and made it oh so heavenly! I will never go back to shaving cream or body wash again! True story.

Kate R,

The Breakout Help Bars have really helped my 2 teenage boys. We inadvertently did some not-so-clinical testing that really proved the bars are working. Both boys complexions have improved since they started using Momma's Breakout Help Bars - with the exception of one boy's forehead. A small patch of his forehead, directly above his nose. I couldn't figure out why he was still breaking out there until I had him show me how he washes his face - one hand on either side of his nose and scrub up and down - never touching the part above his nose. There you go, not-so-clinical side by side testing that proved that the soap helped his complexion - where he used it. His whole face looks better now - Thanks to Momma's Home Soaps!!

Bob D,

Love all the soaps, especially the peppermint and the lavender/rosemary. We will pick Momma's soaps over commercial store bought soaps any day.

Laura P,